The Amherst Student, the newspaper of Amherst College, is published weekly on Wednesdays. At least 2500 copies are circulated per issue. The Student is distributed to members of the college faculty and staff, the student body and the communities of Amherst, Hadley and the Five College Area free of charge, as well as to alumni and parents by subscription. The Student carries five 2-inch columns per page. Each page measures 10 x 16 inches of copy; therefore, there are 80 column inches per page.

Rates Advertising space costs $7.00 per column inch (2 x 1 square inch), which comes to $3.50 per square inch, with discount rates for full-page and half-page purchases. There is an additional $10.00 charge for designing ads.

Full page (10" x 16"):


4" x 5":


Half page (10" x 8"):


4" x 3":


Quarter page (5" x 8"):


2" x 2":


The minimum ad size is 2 column inches. The Student has no classified advertising.
Inserts: The Student accepts inserts at a size-dependant rate. At least 10 days' notice is required. Color: The Student runs full-color ads the base cost of the ad plus $300.00 for ads less than 40 column inches. Half-page color ads cost $525.00 and Full-page color ads cost $875.00.

Contracts The Student offers discounts for bulk advertising. In order to qualify for these reduced rates, the advertiser and The Student must draft a contract before any of the ads under contract are run.

6 ads or 100 column inches per semester:     10% discount
12 ads or 200 column inches per semester:   20% discount

Submission guidelines The Student accepts ads through postal mail, although digital submission is preferred. Acceptable formats are Quark Xpress (version 3.32 or earlier), JPEG, PDF and PSD, as well as GIF and TIFF with Macintosh byte ordering. Please do not send ads in other digital formats. Send files to Publication dates and detailed info is available on our rate sheet.