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Let me start off on a personal note: thank you to everybody who participated in last week’s elections. I was thrilled and honored to be elected. Rohan, a class act, ran an amazing campaign, and I cannot wait to work with him next year on implementing some of his great ideas abo...Full Article
By Romen Borsellino '12, Columnist
On Friday night, as the deadline for avoiding a government shutdown loomed, I walked over to the White House. I left the lecture series I was in town for to gaze into the eye of the political storm. I stood with other citizens, peering through the iron gates, visualizing the flur...Full Article
By Jared Crum '11, Columnist
What you’re looking at is a corner of the third floor hallway in Seelye. Four rooms surround this area, making for what could be a nice little common space, were there anything there other than … nothing. But instead, it’s empty and unused — and the topic of my student li...Full Article
By David Zheutlin '11, Columnist
Jason Bateman clearly has a lot on his plate at Amherst. The award-winning actor spent years in Hollywood, playing everything from Michael Bluth on “Arrested Development” to Mark Loring in “Juno.” In 2008, however, Mr. Bateman switched career paths and joined the Career C...Full Article
By John Yarchoan '13, Contributing Writer
As the vice president of policy for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), I’ve spent much of the last year visiting college campuses across the country and being inspired, challenged and motivated by top debate teams as we sparred over the ethical implications of ...Full Article
By Bruce Friedrich, PETA Vice-President of Policy
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The nation watched attentively as our two parties bickered over the budget while holding thousands of federal employees hostage. Congress averted a federal shutdown with less than two hours before the midnight deadline after days and nights of relentless bargaining. That was cris...Full Article
By Erik Christianson '14, contributing writer
This is the twenty-second column I’ve written for this newspaper, and the last. Over the past 19 months and 21 columns, I’ve tried to treat my section of the opinion page appropriately. Campus columnist is not a lofty position, so I’ve kept my tone more or less light. But a...Full Article
By Jared Crum '11, staff writer
So, everyone, today’s issue is the last Student of the year — which, by my calculation, means that this will be my last student life column. Though I’ve been trying for much of this senior year to keep the idea of graduation out of mind and just live in the moment, the conc...Full Article
By David Zheutlin '11, staff writer
There is no equity without solidarity, no justice without a social movement. Globalize the notion of basic human dignity. These were the charges Dr. Joia Mukherjee, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School’s division of Global Health Equity at the Brigham and Women’s Hos...Full Article
By Sara Abrahams '14, contributing writer
Max Gilbert ’13 is a columnist who pens the “Munchies With Max” column for The Student. Thanks to the ambitious dreams of many, Amherst College has transformed itself from a “WASP-y,” all-male, New England college into a diverse, multi-ethnic learning community. These ...Full Article
By Max Gilbert '13, staff writer
Monday night’s Senate meeting ended with the ceremonial changing of the guard. As one Executive Board said their farewells — clearly an emotional moment for guys like outgoing President Saumitra Thakur, who has spent pretty much every Monday night at a Senate Meeting for the ...Full Article
By Romen Borsellino '12, staff writer
This Friday, the student body will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum on a new Constitution for the AAS. Today, the incumbent and incoming Presidents and the author of the new Constitution write to encourage you to vote ‘no’ in the referendum. This position is not...Full Article
By Saumitra Thakur '11, Romen Borsellino '12, Josh Mayer '13
When students move out at the end of the year, they leave behind a lot. Years ago, most of the stuff that the students left behind ended up in a landfill. However, thanks to waste reduction and recycling efforts at Amherst College, students are leaving behind less stuff, and mo...Full Article
By Roger Guzowski, Five-College Recycling Manager
Oh, hello there. So I’ve been thinking about my column of late, and for the most part I’ve been discussing some issues on campus that deal with student life — a phrase that, really, just refers to “how students at Amherst are living.” I’ve brought up a number of issu...Full Article
By David Zheutlin '11, Staff Writer
This Friday, the Student Body will elect a new Senate for the upcoming school year. Monday night’s meeting proved to me that the AAS is truly heading in a direction towards making student life issues a priority, which is something that I, and many others, have long hoped for. I...Full Article
By Romen Borsellino '12, Staff Writer
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