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Last Thursday, the College’s newest student group, the EDU, held its inaugural event. Aspiring teachers and those interested in education and education reform gathered in the Morris Pratt ballroom to hear a spoken word performance by poet Carlos Andrès Gòmez and to take part ...Full Article
By Sarah Ashman ’14, News Section Editor
On Thursday, March 31, the College’s Office of Admission mailed acceptance packets to all students admitted to the Class of 2015. Of the 8,438 applicants, 1,077 were accepted — a mere 12.8 percent acceptance rate compared to last year’s 15.3 percent. This is the largest n...Full Article
By Megan Duff ’14, Staff Writer
On Tuesday, the Amherst Political Union (APU) hosted a three-part event on the constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), President Obama’s federal statute concerning nationwide healthcare reform. The act focuses on reforming the private insura...Full Article
By Dan Diner '14, A&L Section Editor
On June 30, 2011, President Tony Marx will conclude his time at the College in order to serve as the President of the New York Public Library. Marx has had a profound impact on the College during his eight years here. In this three-part series, The Student examines the highlights...Full Article
By June Pan ’13 & Brianda Reyes ’14, Managing News Editors
Nathan Nash ’12 is one of 60 students nationwide who were recently named 2011 Truman Scholars. The Truman Scholarship is aimed at college juniors who are seeking a career in public service. According to the Harry S. Truman Scholarship foundation, these students are elected “...Full Article
By Amber Khan ’14, Staff Writer
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Sick of eating the same food at Val every day? Tired of spending your money on late night snacks off-campus when you could be using those extra swipes instead? And ever wondered what really goes on in Lewis-Sebring Dining Commons? Well, good news. The Student has received a copy...Full Article
By Eirene Wang ’13, Contributing Writer
On Tuesday, Jessica Valenti, the author of three books concerning women, sexuality and the double standards in today’s society, as well as an editor at, an online feminist blog, presented a lecture entitled “Hooking Up: The Slut vs. The Prude.” Valenti op...Full Article
By Meghna Sridhar ’14, News Section Editor
On June 30, 2011, President Tony Marx will conclude his time at the College in order to serve as the President of the New York Public Library. In the final installment of this three-part series, the Amherst community give personal takes on Marx’s legacy. What makes a presid...Full Article
By June Pan ’13 & Brianda Reyes ’14, Managing News Editors
“We were migrating from Planworld to Facebook when I was in school, and that was basically my experience with tech at Amherst.” In the years since Adam Leibsohn ’03 graduated (with a French and Interdisciplinary double major), the advent of social media has accelerated th...Full Article
By Amro El-Adle ’13, Editor-in-Chief
In response to an open letter from Khan Shoieb ’11, in which Shoieb called for college presidents to reclaim their roles as “public intellectuals” and in which he invited President Tony Marx to use the Amherst Political Union (APU) as a forum to address the members of the A...Full Article
By Daniel Diner ’14, A&L Section Editor
By the time Val’s Iron Chef competition rolls around for the fifth time next year, a new team of cooks will be crowned champions. Obvious as that may seem, it has been anything but a guarantee for the competition’s first four years — the same team, albeit with some slightly...Full Article
By Amro El-Adle ’13, Editor-in-Chief
Senior Music and English major, Christopher Spaide was recently awarded the Keasbey Scholarship, an award that will allow him to study for two years at the University of Oxford. The scholarship will fund Spaide’s program of study in arts criticism, by the the end of which he...Full Article
By Amber Khan ’14, Staff Writer
On Monday, April 18, 2011, peta2, the youth division of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), hosted a debate at Stirn Auditorium with the Debate Society. The debate revolved around the question, “Is eating meat ethical?” Arguing for the unethical nature of e...Full Article
By Brianda Reyes ’14, Managing News Editor
Over the past three weeks, the College has been experiencing several thefts, particularly in unlocked rooms. Everything from wallets, coats and backpacks to cell phones, keys and iPads have been reported. Most notably, there have been five reports of stolen laptop computers. T...Full Article
By Brianda Reyes ’14, Managing News Editor
The College boasts on the front page of its website that the average financial aid package provided to students is over $37,000. Fully half of the student body benefits from financial aid, and the College’s commitment to its no-loans policy means that students need not worry ab...Full Article
By June Pan ’13, Managing News Editor
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