Club Corner: Questions for the Investment Club
By Jorge Alvarado '12, Managing A&L Editor

What does the club do?

The Club manages an investment portfolio of $50,000 with the goal of learning about business and finance. Although the Club invests only in domestically-traded equity securities, the Club seeks to teach members how to approach all investment decisions using a fundamental, value-oriented approach. The Club also discusses career opportunities and job-search skills relevant to jobs in various business and financial industries.

What are your general activities?

The general activities of the club include teaching members how to evaluate stocks as potential investments, pitching and voting on stocks for our portfolio and discussing relevant news. We also bring in guest speakers from the financial services industry and organize field trips to visit destinations such as Harvard Business School, Tuck Business School and Fidelity Investments.

What are the club’s goals?

The club aims to expand our portfolio by identifying great investments. We would also like to boost membership across campus and help educate Amherst students interested in finance.

Can you describe any recent projects?

On Feb. 1, the club hosted an event with some investment professionals from Fidelity’s Equity Research Division. Ten of the club’s more experienced members each presented a two-minute stock pitch on a company of their choosing. The Fidelity professionals then gave constructive feedback about the pitches and discussed investment strategies with the club. This was a great learning experience, as the club was able to get advice from the best in the field. It was also a fantastic way for club members to network with a potential employer.

When was the club created, and what inspired its creation?

Originally, the club was a private group of students who pooled their own funds to invest in attractive stocks. In the fall of 2007, with the support of alumni and the hard work of Michael Hinckley ’09 and Justin Holtzman ’09, the portfolio was expanded and placed under the oversight of the Amherst College Endowment Office. From fall 2007 to the present, the club has welcomed any and all students interested in investing. The inspiration for the club was students’ desire to create a forum where those interested in investing could discuss their ideas and learn from each other.

What kind of person are you looking for?

The club has members of all investment-skill levels. We have some people with relevant financial services internship experience and others who have never even heard of a stock before in their lives. All are welcome, all add to the discussion and we teach people the basics so they can jump right in.

How can people join?

The only requirement for membership is that you attend meetings with an open mind and ready to learn. Anyone who attends meetings is counted as a full member of the club. Alternatively you can email to let the club leaders know you are interested in joining and to get more information. We meet from 7 to 9 p.m. on Thursdays. Our meetings are held in the Paino Room of the Earth Sciences Building (the biggest lecture hall on the first floor of the geology building).

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