The Personals: Jeffrey Moro '13
By Jorge Alvarado '12 and Katherine Hillenbrand '12, Managing A&L Editors
Why did you pick Amherst?

I had an uncle who went here who was a little bit of a family character. Five years ago, when I was visiting my grandmother, he and my aunt were also there, and he — well, he was a little overtired or testy or something. So when I made fun of my aunt, he stood up at the dinner table and told everyone that no one was allowed to make fun of his wife unless they were an Amherst man. So I like to think that the next four years are just legitimizing me to make fun of my relatives.

If you could be any superhero, who would you be?

Barney Stinson, from “How I Met Your Mother.” I’m sorry? He’s not a superhero? I argue that every role Neil Patrick Harris has ever played is also a superhero.

What got you started into theater?

One too many middle school teachers telling me off for being overly dramatic. My first role was as the ghost of a character that was a thinly-veiled rip-off of Danny Zuko, who was electrocuted while fixing his car and haunted a house to prove that he didn’t commit suicide. Real highbrow stuff.

Are you planning on living in Marsh next year?

I have (or had, depending on when you’re reading this) an interview on Wednesday, so yeah. I’ve already told Liz Carbone ’12 that I’m stealing her room, so this had better work out.

What’s the best part of being in so many performances here?

The people, hands down. I can really credit this to Brooke McVety’s thesis, Midsummer, but I really feel there’s a dedicated community of people at this school who want to put on as much theater as possible. And those people are a blast.

If you were in a beauty pageant, would you wish for world peace?

I might as well, considering that it’s not gonna really change whether or not I win. You don’t wanna see me in a bikini, trust me.

What is your dream role?

The Knave in “Two Gentlemen of Lebowski.” Google it.

What Winter Olympic sport would you compete in if you could?

Biathalon. Because that means that imaginary-me is awesome enough to a) ski, b) shoot things and c) do it all at once. Current-me a) cannot ski, b) is terrified of guns and c) doesn’t really like the cold to begin with.

In three words, how would your roommate describe you?

“This your hummus?”

What has been your favorite role?

The answer to this question changes every day, but right now it’s as Cohen from Steve Martin’s “The Underpants.” Quick recap: Louise is a German woman whose underpants fell down when she was watching the King’s parade, and now suitors are calling on her for the whole play because they were entranced and enthralled by her, well, not-wearing-underpants-ness. Cohen is Jewish. Very Jewish. Things I got to do: get a bucket of water poured on me, eat a whole box of tic-tacs at once, throw flour at an audience member and get into a cat-fight with a dominatrix lesbian. All while lisping in a Yiddish accent. Good stuff.

Charles Pratt: best freshman dorm?

While I have to give the third floor credit for being wonderful and managing to get into the Campus Crime Log in new and interesting ways each week (go check us out! We’re probably in it right now!), most people who know me know that my heart really lives on the fourth floor of Stearns. Sorry, Pratt.

Where is home and what’s it like? What do you miss most?

Johns Creek, Georgia (and no, there’s no apostrophe, so don’t try to add one in during revisions), which is essentially a suburb of Atlanta. While you can go about 10 miles out from where I live and end up in exactly what the media thinks the Deep South is like, my home is remarkable for how unremarkable it really is. But I bash Georgia a lot. I can’t complain; it was a nice place to grow up, and my friends are absolutely wonderful people, mostly because we didn’t have the high-falutin’ culture of New York City or the outdoorsy hippie-dom of the Pacific Northwest. We had to be interesting all by ourselves. Plus I can do like three separate pitch-perfect Southern accents.

Best late-night food in Amherst?

The four boxes of Thin Mints sitting in my desk. Or Antonio’s at two in the morning on a TAP night, if only because the whole student population of UMass is there with you.

What are you planning to do for spring break?

See, in the South, it’s pretty much already summer by the middle of March, so I’m just going home. Although I’m making a pit stop at the University of Georgia for a couple days, and if you know anything about the city of Athens, Georgia, you know exactly why.

If you could be Tony Marx for a day, what would you do?

Hit on Ben Lieber and deny it. Then admit it. Then deny it again. Also I’d climb onto the roof of the Octagon, because, hey, why not?

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