Munchies With Max: Meet with a Middle-Eastern Moti
By Max Gilbert ’13, Staff Writer
Sticking to last week’s theme of reviewing old favorites, I chose to review the newly renovated Moti for this week’s edition of Munchies with Max. Moti opened last year but recently purchased the space next-door and opened a larger dine-in seating area as well as a small bar. The décor has a Persian flare and, along with the Middle Eastern music, gives this ethnic restaurant a very authentic feel.

A group of friends and I made a reservation for eight people and were quickly seated at a large and comfortable table. The staff was friendly, courteous and helpful and made the meal an extremely pleasant experience. I first ordered an iced tea which is fresh-brewed with rose water and an absolute must-try.

I started off my dinner by sharing a Greek Salad with a friend. It was a simple salad of romaine, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, feta, olives and a Greek dressing. It was fresh and authentic but the dressing was a little heavy for my taste. I then had a saffron steak tip wrap. The wrap was absolutely delicious with seasoned tender steak tips, spicy tahina and fresh vegetables. A new addition to the wraps is crunchy potato sticks, which add a great textural contrast to the sandwich. Served with some hummus and pita, this $10 dinner is guaranteed to fill you up without breaking your budget.

Moti is great because it takes popular Middle-Eastern cuisine and makes it available to American college kids. The food is authentic and made to order. Moti will happily adjust any menu item to meet less exotic taste preferences. If you are someone new to Middle-Eastern food, I’d stick with something on the safer side — maybe Falafel or a hummus wrap. To more adventurous diners, I would highly recommend the lamb shawarma or a gyro. Great any time of day, Moti also delivers until 2 a.m. Thursday to Saturday and is a great alternative to wings or pizza for a late-night snack.

Issue 13, Submitted 2011-02-02 00:23:48