Munchies with Max: A Cozy Creperie Lacking Culinary Creativity
By Max Gilbert '13, Staff Writer
The Amherst Creperie opened this fall, and I have heard mixed reviews from fellow students. While I am not the biggest fan of crepes in general, I thought I should give the place a try.

The ambiance of the restaurant was very fitting — French décor from the pictures on the wall, down to the fleur-de-lis trashcan. The staff was welcoming and friendly, and the overall café vibe was delightful. Not being particularly hungry, I decided on a smoothie and a dessert crepe.

The smoothies are advertised as 100% whole-fruit, sugar-free and fat-free. I chose the “exotic tropic” smoothie, which had pineapple, mango, banana and coconut. It was icy and fresh, but without any yogurt tasted more like a juice blend than a smoothie.

The crepe that I ordered was called “The Patel,” which came with nutella, whipped cream and a choice of gelato. The presentation was beautiful, but the crepe itself was only average. The batter was too thick and doughy, which was a shame. I had mine with amaretto gelato, which was delicious and a light, refreshing compliment to the crepe. Overall it was good — it just didn’t live up to my expectations.

My friend unfortunately was even less satisfied with his savory crepe. He chose one with roast beef, cheese, mushrooms and peppers, and said that it was just fair. While he did finish it, he said next time he would get something less complicated or just stick to dessert.

It pains me to give The Amherst Creperie such a lackluster review, because the place and the people were so charming. Unfortunately, my opinion of a restaurant is mainly based on their culinary offerings, and those I tasted were edible but uninspiring. They also make breakfast sandwiches, quiches, paninis and salads, which I would be willing to go back and try. I would hope those other options are better than the crepes since The Amherst Creperie is such a nice environment to eat in. Even if you just go for gelato, a smoothie or some coffee, I would recommend stopping by on a walk through town.

I wish everyone a healthy, happy and restful Spring Break full of good food. My family recently purchased an ice cream maker that I cannot wait to get my hands on, so I know mine will be. My next column will likely feature whatever frozen concoctions I whip up. If anyone has an ideas for an ice cream flavor they think would be great but have never seen, please email me some inspiration! Until then, happy eating.

Issue 18, Submitted 2011-03-09 10:42:22