Fashion Passion: When Less Fashions More
By Danica Richards '14, Contributing Writer
As New York Fashion Week comes and goes every year and designers like DKNY, Anna Sui and Max Azria show off all the latest trends, I find myself “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” at the intricate and unique designs coming down the runway on the bodies of angry looking models.

I can’t say I even look at the prices anymore, because the one time I dared to, I found myself looking at an outfit worth around half a year at Amherst. As a broke college student, to say that such an outfit is out of my budget would be a vast understatement.

Thus, I had to start bargain hunting. Fashion is about creativity, and if you’ve got enough, you can always do more with less.

One of my favorite places to shop is at Free People Boutiques. However, they tend to run a bit pricey — sometimes my wallet can’t handle it so I move on to Forever 21. Forever 21 has a tendency to copy more expensive styles, and sell them to you for half the price.

The colors are different, but the dress style is similar enough that broke college students like me will flock to the cheaper dress. Pair it with some just-over-the- knee tights and boots of the same color, and you’ve got yourself an outfit for half the price.

So, you’re all ready to bargain hunt, but where exactly can you do that in Amherst, Mass.? Look no further than TJ Maxx, and its sister store, Marshalls.

Both stores receive their merchandise from bigger chain stores, and the clothing is either overstocked or from the previous season. Admittedly, it doesn’t sound too desirable on paper, but you can always find something interesting that other people won’t have, as oftentimes there are only a few left.

Also, any savvy TJ Maxx or Marshall’s shopper knows, you can even find items by high fashion designers if you look hard enough. I myself have stumbled across shoes by Chinese Laundry, True Religion jeans, and purses by Louis Vuitton. These items won’t be the cheapest stuff you can find, but if you’ve got to get your hands on something “designer”, have no fear. TJ Maxx and Marshall’s have your back.

If you still don’t believe me, check out “Maxx Finds” on TJ Maxx’s own website. There, loyal customers post pictures of the incredible deals they’ve found. One customer even found a pair of Charles David leather boots that normally retails for $225, for just $15.

Even on a budget, you can find fashion that suits your taste. Instead of ordering online, which I, too, am guilty of, try browsing stores in town to see if what you’re looking for can be bought for less money and without the hassle of online shopping.

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