Spring Cleaning, College Style
By Danica Richards '14, Contributing Writer

Bored with your clothes?

It’s about that time of the year again when I open my closet, and I can’t find anything to wear. It’s not that my closet is actually bare, but nothing looks appealing anymore. I, of course, don’t have the money to simply throw out all of my clothes and buy new ones. So, what do I do? I could continue wearing my boring old clothes every day, or I could take matters into my own hands.

But how?

The thing is, there’s nothing truly wrong with my clothes. They’re all in good shape. The whites are still white, the colors still vibrant. But for some reason, they just feel...old. They’re no longer shiny, and the “new clothes” feel (similar to the new car smell) has faded. That doesn’t leave a good feeling in the pit of my stomach, and I can’t keep going on like this forever, so it’s time to get to work.

I’m looking for excitement, a way to spice up my wardrobe that requires minimal effort, and can easily be financed through the average college student’s minimum wage job.

Let’s take my leggings. A staple during winter, but as summer is rapidly approaching, there is no need for my legs to be completely covered. An easy, do-it-yourself way to make old leggings seem new is to just cut them!

Take a pair of scissors and drag them in long, thin lines across your leggings in order to achieve the perfect distressed look. Be careful not to cut directly into your leggings, as that will create large holes, which is not a flattering look for most people, and while you’ve got the scissors in your hands, you can do the same thing to old jeans or denim shorts.

Along the same lines, you can also modify your shirts. Like with leggings, however, you have to be careful with the incisions you make. A neat idea is to take a loosely fitted white t-shirt and cut off enough fabric so that the t-shirt will fall above your belly button. Pair this with a tight camisole, so you don’t end up looking like you travelled here from the 90s. While the bare look works well for the model, it probably won’t work well for the average person.

If arts and crafts isn’t for you, and you’ve got a little money to spare, consider buying a spicy staple for your closet. If your shoe collection is looking a little a dull, consider adding leopard print heels to the mix. Leopard print is easy to pair with your little black dress, and adds a lot of flavor for just one piece. So, as spring comes around, remember to do your own version of spring cleaning on your closet. Have fun, and be creative. There’s a lot you can do with what you already have!

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