College Begins Search For 10 New Professors
By by RACHAEL MCCRACKEN, Contributing Writer
The dean of the faculty's office has announced a search for 10 new faculty members. The college is looking for full-time tenure-track assistant professors in biology, environmental chemistry, economics, English, fine arts, mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology/neuroscience and theater and dance, as well as a visiting artist in residence.

Dean of the Faculty Lisa Raskin says that she does not feel that 10 new hires is an especially high number.

"Last year we granted seven positions and I believe seven the year before. These positions are available because of our rate of retirements, relocations, untenured faculty leaving because of family situations, or negative tenure or reappointment decisions," she said.

According to Dean of the Faculty Lisa Raskin, only eight of the positions opened up last spring.

"We granted eight positions last spring. Two were granted the year before but the searches were postponed," she said.

Interviews for the majority of the positions will be held in December and January.

The biology department is looking for a professor to teach both evolutionary theory and organisms.

"The position is two things, really," said Professor of Biology Dominic Poccia, who chairs the department. "On the one hand, it's evolutionary biology; on the other, it's organismal biology. "

The chemistry department is seeking a chemist with an interest in the environment to teach all levels of courses and establish a research program in environmental chemistry for undergraduate students, according to the dean of the faculty's office.

The economics department needs an economist with background in transitional economics to teach introductory and intermediate courses.

"We're replacing Heinz Kohler, who studies comparative economic systems. That field has now changed so we're looking for a transitional economist," said Professor of Economics Geoffrey Woglom, who chairs the department search committee.

The English department wants a candidate familiar with African-American and cultural studies to handle writing-intensive first-year courses, specialized advanced seminars and open enrollment courses.

The position opened when Assistant Professor of English E. Patrick Johnson left Amherst for a job at Northwestern University.

"Professor Johnson's degree was in communications and his work has largely been focused on the role of oral performance in African-American culture. In his time at Amherst he stretched the department in many wonderful ways, but it was always a bit of an uncomfortable fit for him to be centered in an English department, and Professor Johnson's job at Northwestern is in performance studies, so the move makes lots of professional sense for him," said Associate Professor of American Studies and English Karen Sanchez-Eppler.

The fine arts department plans to add an assistant professor with a master's of fine arts, teaching experience and a strong exhibition record to teach all levels of printmaking and drawing.

Professor of Fine Arts and American Studies Carol Clark, who is the current department head, said the department will give priority to candidates' levels of experience with digital imaging.

"We will consider each candidate's level of experience in digital imaging, which is desired but not a required qualification for the job. We, of course, will search for an artist who is interested in the interdisciplinary curriculum at the College and one who wants to teach in a department that combines studio and art history," she said.

Additionally, the department is seeking an artist-in-residence to teach one upper level course and critique studio thesis projects.

The mathematics department is searching for a candidate with the ability to develop research projects and teach a wide variety of courses. They are also seeking to replace a professor. Two years ago, Professor of Mathematics Duane Bailey passed away, leaving a vacancy in the department.

Professor of Mathematics David Cox, the department head, says the department will focus on the research work of candidates.

The philosophy department is seeking an assistant professor who specializes in ethics.

The physics department is planning to add an experimental physicist with broad intellectual interests and a strong commitment to undergraduate teaching. It will hire an assistant professor to develop on site research projects and teach several classes.

The psychology department is seeking a candidate with an interest in behavioral neuroscience to teach classes, direct senior theses and participate in the College's neuroscience program.

The theater and dance department wants a director to develop a series of courses in stage direction, dramatic literature and history and performance theory.

The departure of Professor of Theater and Dance Michael Birtwistle opened the position.

"The successful candidate will develop an integrated series of courses in stage direction, dramatic literature/history and performance theory for an undergraduate, liberal arts curriculum," according to a department of theater and dance press release.

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