Lord Jeffrey Inn to be Renovated From May
By Sonum Dixit '13, News Section Editor
A year and a half since it was closed in November 2008, the Lord Jeffrey Inn will begin construction in May.

“We thought we were going to do a substantial renovation [after November 2008] but we decided that it would cost too much,” said Paul Murphy, Legal and Administrative Counsel. “Because of the economy, we had to re-examine [the renovation].”

“We felt that the Inn should be closed because some things were not as safe as we would have liked,” he explained. “The Inn currently lacks a sprinkler system and proper fire escape plan. The electrical, plumbing and heating systems will be upgraded. Also, a larger ballroom [will be] attached, and there will be a nicer restaurant than before. We’re also hoping for outside dining. It just wouldn’t have made sense to open [the Inn].”

However, with reconstruction, which will cost less than originally planned in 2008, the Inn will become safer and stimulate the town’s economy.

“The Trustees decided that it was important to reopen the Inn because it is an important resource to the town and College,” noted Murphy. “People who stay at the Inn spend at local stores and help the local economy.”

Construction is expected to begin in May after construction drawings are submitted and a contractor is selected to do the construction. So far, there have not been many obstacles.

“The town [of Amherst] has been very helpful in working with us to get the necessary permits,” said Murphy.

The 49-room inn opened in 1926 with contributions from College graduates.

Even though it is owned by the Amherst Inn Company, Amherst College has an 85 percent share in the property. The other 15 percent is owned by Amherst College alumni or descendants of alumni.

The inn is open to parents, alumni, visitors of the College and the town of Amherst.

As Murphy pointed out, “[The reopening of the Inn] will benefit the College as a whole rather than benefit only a certain group of people.”

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