Comedian Loni Love Tickles Audience at the Campus Center
By Bao Viet '13, Contributing Writer
On Thursday, March 4, the Friedmann Room was packed with students taking time off from their last minute essay writing and midterm cramming, ready for a nice study break and some good “abs exercise.”

They were getting ready to see comedienne Loni Love, who is currently the host of “E! Wildest TV Show Moments”, and a regular at the “Laugh Factory”, where the likes of Jim Carrey, Dane Cook and Jerry Seinfeld used to perform.

The Campus Center exploded with laughter, drawing even more students from outside Keefe to find out what the commotion was all about.

Love was comical, with some describing her as “hilarious” and “absolutely ridiculous.” However, there was some discontent with her jokes about Afghani women.

Love incorporated the crowd into her act: midway through the show, she invited three male and female students on stage for a best pick-up line and sexiest dance move contest with cash prizes. Some students stayed after show to take pictures with the famous comedienne.

The Amherst College Program Board (ACPB), which funded the event, brings one performance each month to campus, and has in the past invited comedians, mentalists and lecturers. It has even sponsored a battle of the band event. A past successful event was a show by Robert Channing the Mentalist, which drew a large crowd to the same venue.

The next scheduled event is the Spring Concert with The Roots. “Preparations are going great,” said Jennifer Rybak, ACPB’s Co-Chair. “We have amazing concert chairs who are working to bring us the best concert yet.”

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