Letter to the Editor
By Danica Richards '14
In regards to the “Fixing Dorm Damage” article written by Nathan Nash in Issue 11, I would like to speak on behalf of the Charles Pratt “Pratt Patrol.” We appreciate the acknowledgement, but we would like to clarify our role. We do not feel that the word “witch hunt” accurately describes our intentions.

We do not stand guard day and night, and while Mr. Nash’s suggestion that a strong community with responsibility has its merits, it must be noted that much of our dorm damage does not come from our own dorm. Instead, it comes from partiers who have made the long trek back up from the Socials and need somewhere to rest. The closest dorm, unfortunately, is Charles Pratt. We of Charles Pratt understand that dorm damage is “intolerable.” Random partiers from the Socials, however, do not. Thus, we created Pratt Patrol not to scare people, but to inform the general public that we respect our living space, as should they.

Issue 12, Submitted 2011-01-26 03:53:34