Letter to the Editor
By Jonathon Abbot
The Amherst community treats its women athletes like Double-A players: fun to watch in an idle moment but not major league. I went to Williams. Despite that handicap, I greatly enjoy watching the Jeffs play basketball, which I do almost every weekend with my father, Jacob Yamins, Amherst ’36 (he is the guy in the walker who tosses cough drops to all he meets). When the men’s game ends, Amherst students, faculty and staff (I know who you are!) drain out of LeFrak. In my humble opinion, the best basketball in the Valley, north of UConn, is played by your women’s team.

With all due respect to Dave Hixon, who was in my class (albeit at Amherst), the men’s team should do what the women do — show up and be counted. There must be as many boyfriends of the women as there are young women rooting for the men’s team. Where are you guys when the women play? Where are the women’s roommates? Wait, I know. You want us to have our choice of seats for the game.

P.S.: Count the banners in LeFrak. How many were won by women?

Issue 17, Submitted 2011-03-02 04:16:45