Letter to the Editor
By Taylor Grant-Knight '13
I would like to point out several inaccuracies in your recent article, “Sprinkler System Fails, Disrupts Art Exhibition.” As stated in the article, the Marsh Arts House was flooded on the night of March 2. Contrary to the title of the article, however, the sprinkler system was far from faulty. That night, I, Taylor Grant-Knight, resident of Marsh 209, went to hang my coat, as I have done every night this year, on my room’s sprinkler head. After an unfortunate slip of my wrist, the coat hanger tapped the mercury bulb of the sprinkler, triggering, as the crime log beautifully put, a “cascade” of water that doused my room and all of my worldly possessions. Though stated as an unfortunate twist of fate, I would like the record to clearly show that my ineptitude and complete lack of common sense alone — not the sprinkler system — are to be blamed for the original blunder and the ensuing debacle of the night of March 2.

Additionally, contrary to the report, no other rooms on the second floor were damaged. My room was the only one directly affected by the catastrophe, thankfully sparing the rest of my beloved floormates’ rooms from the devastating ruin that destroyed my posters and warped my floor. I would like to call into question the source of information for this article.

Furthermore, The Student’s soulless account of the catastrophic events of the evening hardly captures the magnitude of the terror that ensued: the looks of agony on the faces of the multitude of guests who, expecting an innocuous evening of gourmet cheeses and high brow photography, fled in torrents fearing the structural integrity of the building; the valiant efforts of the service workers who, unfazed by the apocalyptic floodwaters, managed to dispel the crisis, assuage student fears and even send away my clothes for dry cleaning; the streams of refugees who, driven from their homes, were forced to spend the night on couches, floors and air mattresses around campus, awakening the next morning with sore necks and disappointed hopes; and most of all, the existential panic that I felt as I attempted to salvage my belongings, not knowing if the cascades of water were a result of the (excessively functional) Marsh pipes or my own tears.

However, this cascade could not stop the artistic force that is Marsh Arts House. Alex and Jee-Hae have rescheduled their phenomenal arts projects for next Wednesday, March 30 at 8 p.m. and it is sure to cause a splash. Now that the weather no longer requires coat-wearing, you will be sure to enjoy an uninterrupted evening of art and merriment.

Issue 19, Submitted 2011-03-23 01:17:17