Bub's Player of the Week

Player Of The Week
By Meredith DeMeules 02
Two years ago, when she stepped on the court, the Firedogs knew that they'd never seen this sort. She said "Hi, my name's Meredith, and I'm your new setter." And when the 'Dogs started to play, they realized they'd never seen better. Fast forward two seasons, back into LeFrak. That girl in the front? Meredith's still leading the pack. She's a fixture for sure now, keeps them in the game. And that's why we're giving her this week of Bub's fame. If there's a game, and a ball has to be set, just give it to Meredith and it's a sure bet. This weekend, she proved just what her team can do, as the 'Dogs ruled the NESCAC Quad, and Western Conn. State, too. Five matches in, and they're five matches up. So who knows? Could they get this year's NESCAC Cup? It's hard to tell, since the season's still young. But we do know that Meredith has only just begun. So head down to Bub's, Mer, it's not that far away. Keep on having games like these, and your 'Dogs will have their day.
Issue 03, Submitted 2000-09-19 19:58:25